On the 2nd June at 18:00 we will show our project in public. The entire team, led by musicians, will dance “Step by Step” from the Münsterplatz to the Wilhelmsburg, encouraging spectators and passers-by to participate. We will arrive at Wilhelmsburg at around 7:30 pm. People with tickets can visit the premiere of Aida directly afterwards.

The simultaneously published videos will show the Moving Rhizomes dancers interpretation of the dancing steps. Inspired by (random) encounters and interactions on the route, it shows dance as an icebreaker between strangers, how to make common goals achievable, how different dance cultures enliven our city, …

Choreography: Pablo Sansalvador

Dancers: Giulia Insinna, Daniel Perin and Bogdan Muresan.

Friedrich Glorian will compose the music for the video.

The day of the Premier, Kachikally will lead the dancers and public through the whole path.

2nd June – 24th July – Step by step program

Please visit the program to see more details about the dates and times of the individual events.