We are Moving Rhizomes e.V., an association that has been working on various art projects since 2014.

As a diverse group of artists, dancers and designers, we are committed to multidisciplinary performances and installations. Our mission is not only to express creative ideas and concepts, but also to make small improvements in our ecosystem and to initiate social change. The starting point for our projects usually comes from the need to share and work with others in our common environment. We invite you to challenge us with every project that comes into being.

‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much’

Helen Keller

The project members with whom we are counting on the STEP BY STEP project are:

Thanks to these organizations, schools and artists this project could happen. Thank you for giving the program so much color…

  • Kachikally
  • dansarts
  • Song Lotterie
  • Sauschdall
  • Clair de chic
  • Rudolf Arnold
  • Underground movement e.V.
  • Clownfrau Chrimay
  • Tanzschule ‘Ritmo Latino’ Showgruppe
  • samba pouco louco
  • Parkour Ulm
  • Menschlichkeit Ulm
  • Deutsch-Syrische Gesellschaft
  • Teatro International
  • Liquid Lilith
  • Daniela Molina Grafias
  • Britta Gutbrod und Marleen Streicher
  • A Boro Ma
  • Carmine Romano
  • FOTO Frenyel
  • Wilhelm Bush Schule
  • and many more